A stunningly self-assured directorial debut asks fundamental questions. Edgy and controversial—IndieWire

Bizarrely beautiful and entertaining. Malorie finds her own way to ‘Fuck the patriarchy’—The Austin Chronicle

Darkly comical. A stellar lead—Screen Anarchy

Not often that something as magnetically profound as this graces the big screen… Crucial viewing: *****—The Edge

Joslyn Jensen is a stunning example of the perfect casting—The Panoptic

[ film by Stephan Littger ]

At once a poignant drama and contemporary fairy tale, Stephan Littger’s debut “Her Composition” portrays the artistic emancipation of a young composition student — rising indie talent Joslyn Jensen (“Without”,“Funny Bunny”) — using her sexuality to break free from the societal status quo that threatens to erode the very foundations of her creative self. Beautifully photographed by Andres Karu and scored by Christopher Libertino, “Her Composition” explores how far one strong individual is willing to go to find an artistic identity that is truly her own.

[ synopsis ]

Very talented but artistically stuck composition student Malorie (Joslyn Jensen) starts frequenting high-end escort clients throughout the city after failing to achieve her academic goals. Absurdly out of place at first, Malorie is suddenly struck with musical experiences during her sexual encounters and soon feels the urge to write them down for her new composition, effectively turning her clients into her collective muse. Entering a frenzied journey of inspiration and creation, Malorie becomes increasingly entangled with the subject matter of her exploration, which threatens to dissolve the very fabric of her being that used to shield her from her newly unleashed creative demons.

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